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Monday, 17 July 2017

our little hobby....

So while I’ve been away from the blog, a few fun things have happened (besides giving birth). We have taken our love for old barnwood and created a little hobby out of it. A bit of a money making hobby… Originally we were only into making picture frames, and it was mostly for my benefit.

These were the first ones that he made and they hung in our condo for a couple years. Now they hang proudly in Nash’s bedroom. They are still my favorite to this day.

After frames came our dining room wall, which gets very high praise every time someone sees it! We have covered a few walls for others since then, and have dabbled in a few other projects as well.

One of the simplest, and probably my favorite to this date, are the boxes. They are simple but the details make them so special. I love piling blankets and pillows into them. The handles are made from old (like stored in an old grainery for years to just gather dust old) towing straps.

Another of my favorites has been the mirror he framed out. We just took my old mirror that hung on my door from my college days and framed it out. I would love to see this hanging in someone’s entry!! Or leaning up against the wall of someone’s bedroom. Can you imagine a giant version?

We have created a few other fun projects for the house that we get complimented on all the time. I love the warm feel of all of the pieces, and best of all, they have been made with love. How cute is our little model??

For those local to the area, we have a few of our items for sale in a cute little shop off Portage Ave. It’s call Green Mosquito Interiors. She has all kinds of local handmade goodies just waiting for a new home.